The Factor

Each of us brings our own unique experience, style, and versatility to the cover-band scene. We're driven and inspired by our fans and we love getting to know everyone who comes out to show after the show!
In addition to our regular club dates, we book fests, weddings, and corporate and private events. We will bring the party to you with our own setup, lights, and sound and will work closely with you to make your event special. 
Bobby -

So, in the early 80's, I was bitten with the music bug thanks to MTV coming into my house. I soon after got my first guitar and started taking lessons.

Started my first band in the 6th grade - "Lucky 13" - a power duo!! Wrote my first song "At the stroke of midnight" and, yes, made a video!!! Started to get more serious in high school by getting lessons from a local musician. This pushed me towards really becoming a musician. 

So, I began writing original music. It was very rewarding seeing people sing your words back to you. Pumping their first to my songs!! The dream continued into my early 20's with my band Marriah. Played all the local bars trying to make it.
Years and life went by, and, after some time off in 2002, Marriah changed its sound and became our new original band CFACTOR

Many great years have taken me to where we are today. Shall I say CFACTOR 13.
Charity -
There is audio of my grandparents talking to me at 2 months old and my grandfather asking if I was going to be a singer. I guess it was inevitable with a family full of musicians.
I started singing at 3 and playing multiple instruments at the age of 8. I began to sing in the choir at 6 but always in the background until I discovered Musical Theatre in HS.
My music taste is all over the place (I love anything that moves me and/or speaks to me). From big band and jazz, to classic rock, country and the symphony, BUT, I am 100% in love with hard rock! ESPECIALLY bands that have chick fronts.
An original band which I wrote my heart and soul out in my lyrics, MANY theatre productions, numerous projects, a cover band that lasted about a minute and then retired until these boys pulled me out of retirement 8 years later and
HERE I AM....finally putting the "C" in CFACTOR
Michael -
Growing up, I was exposed to a wide variety of music by my parents. My mom had me listening to Willie Nelson and Cat Stevens, while my Dad showed me Elvis Costello and Dire Straits. By the time I was old enough to buy my own music, I was a huge Prince fan and recall replacing the cassette covers of Dirty Mind & Controversy with something less objectionable (Probably Mr. Roboto by STYX) so my Mom wouldn't find out what kind of R-Rated music I was listening to.
A neighbor introduced me to Ozzy's Bark At The Moon, Maiden's Powerslave and Zeppelin IV, all 3 of which terrified me yet inspiried me to pick up the guitar just the same. 

I've played in several musical projects since those days... Everything from costumed tribute acts to an all 90's cover band. CFACTOR has been home for the last few years and is a band that can play everything from Prince to Led Zeppelin... Just no Mr. Roboto!
Nick -
I was introduced to music at a very early age. I have 3 brothers, one of whom is a drummer. We all had different tastes in music and both of our parents were guitar playing singers.
While I enjoy the variety of my family's music tastes, my favorite genres are hard rock and heavy metal. 

I began messing with my brothers kit as far back as I can remember. When I was 7, Santa brought me my first no-name blue sparkle kit for Christmas.
When I was 10, my brother let me play a song with his band at a block party (an unforgettable experience). I played the garage/basement tour for years until I had the opportunity to play in a newly formed band in 2001 and have been in different bands ever since.
I have played large festivals, small clubs and everything in between.
Bands: Bad Intent, Skullfish, Secondhand Smoke, Kicksum 44, and now CFACTOR.
Equipment: Saibian cymbals, DW drums, Remo coated heads, Pro-Mark sticks, Gibraltar hardware.
Eric -
Music has been a part of my life since the age of 4. I’ll never forget taking piano lessons from Sister Mary Rose at the Nazareth school nearby and the few recitals to follow.
Additionally, I sang in church at the age of 5, even earning a solo in the Christmas play. In junior high, I was introduced to playing in the brass section and choir before school. 

As an adult, I enjoy playing the drums and acoustic guitar in my home studio.
I have many musical influences and my tastes vary greatly. I gravitate to country music the most; Garth, Brooks and Dunn, Diamond Rio, Rascal Flatts, Dwight Yoakam, Kenny Chesney, Tim and Faith, Allison Krauss, Alan Jackson to name a few. Sammy Davis also comes to mind as an example of a multi-talented performer and one of my favorite voices from that era.
My goals for the future also include music, naturally. I’d like to play cover songs for a living solely and hope to continue meeting great people and even greater musicians.

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